Instructor U Arkar Minn

Instructor U Arkar Min

Business Corporate English Training & Development Manager

Meet Saya U Arkar, our assistant teacher of American Hospitality Institute of Myanmar; Global Academic Partner (GAP) of American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI).


Academically, Saya Arkar studied in England’s Kingston College on English Language, ICT, Chemistry and Citizenship Studies. Later, he came back to Myanmar and started the freelance translation and interpretation business. He also joined a prestigious English language school, an international school and gained experience in office administration for over 6 years. Hence, he has a deeper understanding of the English language needs of the office staff. Saya Arkar applies his knowledge to teach the students in simple and effective methods on special English for office to the limited number of students per class in roundtable style.  


Saya Arkar is now teaching Special English for Office, Hospitality English and Guest Service American Hospitality Institute of Myanmar.

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